The full cycle developer blog

A blog by Geert van der Cruijsen about everything software development related

Hello world!

Welcome to the new blog by Geert van der Cruijsen about Software development

As a software developer there is only 1 title you can use to create your first post on a new blog. “Hello World!”. 👋

So why this blog?

It’s actually my 3rd blog website I created. I started of years ago with a blog using Wordpress that I hosted myself. Then about 6 years ago I was working a lot with Azure and wanted to move away from self hosting so I created a new blog (still using Wordpress) but then hosted on Azure. This worked quite well at that time but I lost passion for blogging a couple of years ago.

Now I wanted to start writing some blogposts again so I had 2 options: dust of my old blog or create a new one. I never really liked the whole Wordpress experience and wanted to move to a static site generator so this was the right time to make the switch to Hugo hosted on Github Pages.

The source of this blog can be found here on my Github Repo: Geertvdc/

Full cycle developer?

As my dayjob I work as a Senior Consultant at Xpirit where I help companies build better software. I do this by improving the Engineering culture, introduce new technology and coaching employees from CTOs to Developers. I believe that building the best software is done by teams who follow the DevOps mantra: “You build it, you run it!”. I love this mantra and try to improve teams on all aspects from architecture, design, implementation, testing, deployments, maintenance, and support. That’s why I called this blog “The full cycle developer blog”.

Sharing Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge is one of my passions. Either by writing articles or blogposts but also by public speaking at international conferences and meetups.

What to expect on this blog?

Posts by me on this blog can cover all aspects of software development from technical posts about a certain technology to non technical posts about organizational culture or personal development.

So who am I?

My name is Geert van der Cruijsen. I’m a senior consultant working at Xpirit in the Netherlands but more important i’m also a husband of my wife Patty and father of my daughters Lauren & Amber.